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The table itself should be fairly self explanatory, follows the same layout and description as earlier pages. The menu bar has a lot more buttons though.

[Status] The button text cycles through [Active/Wanted/Ignored/Paused].
[Active] is normal, monitor for new books periodically but don't automatically download them.
[Wanted] means we mark all new books for download.
[Ignored] means we don't show the author in searches/lists.
[Paused] means we show them, but don't scan for any new books.

[Refresh Author] reloads the author details and booklist from Goodreads/GoogleBooks similar to the "Refresh Active Authors" option on the homepage, but it just does it for the one author, not the whole library.

[eBook Scan] and [AudioBook Scan] are similar to the options on the eBook and AudioBook pages, they run libraryscan, but only on the one author.

[Remove Author] removes the author and all their books from the lazylibrarian database. It does not delete any book files, just the database entries.

[Show Ignored] shows books by this author marked as ignored. You might want to ignore books that have been incorrectly attributed to this author, or if the author has written a book or series you want, plus other books on unrelated subjects you aren't interested in and don't want to show in their author page.

[Series] shows all series this author has contributed to.

To the right there may be one or two select boxes

[Library] switches between displaying the authors eBooks and AudioBooks and [Language] selects books tagged in different languages. Note that for AudioBooks this is goodreads/googlebooks idea of language, not the actual language of any audio files.

Author Details

In the author details above the table there is a photo, the author name, and an [Edit] button. Clicking the author name takes you to their page on GoodReads. Clicking [Edit] takes you to a page where you can edit some of the author details, and upload or choose a new author image.

Author SubMenu

[Mark Selected as]

  • [Wanted] Mark selected book(s) as wanted and LazyLibrarian will search for them
  • [Have] Mark book(s) selected as have and LazyLibrarian will NOT search.
  • [Ignored] Ignore book(s) from searches and hide from main window.
  • [Skip] Skip searching for selected book(s).
  • [Removed] remove book(s) from LazyLibrarian database. Does not delete local files.For books, if the author is active, this is changed to Ignored
  • [Delete] delete book(s) from database and deletes local files as well.
  • [Unread] Mark book(s) as unread in the database
  • [Read] mark book(s) as read in the database and show a bookmark
  • [ToRead] Mark book(s) as to be read and show a bookmark