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LazyLibrarian runs by default on port 5299 at http://localhost:5299

Linux / Mac OS X:

  • Install Python 3 v3.5 or higher
  • Git clone/extract LL wherever you like
  • Run "python -d" to start in daemon mode
  • Fill in all the config (see docs for full configuration)




For config options see the configuration docs.


Auto updates are available via interface from master for git and source installs, and some docker images.
If installed from a package (deb, rpm, snap, flatpak) please use your package manager to update.


rpm deb flatpak and snap packages are no longer supported

  • AUR package available here:
  • QNAP LazyLibrarian is now available for the QNAP NAS via sherpa.

Docker packages

  • armhf version with calibre
  • armhf version and x64 version with optional calibre addon