Series Detail

The table itself should be fairly self explanatory, follows the same layout and description as earlier pages. The menu bar has three buttons

  • [Return to Author] goes back to the author page for this series, or if the series has multiple authors it goes to the author of the first book in the series.
  • [Series List] goes back to the list of series by this author
  • [Refresh Author] reloads the author details and list of their books from goodreads/googlebooks.

In the table you can change the status of individual books.

Under the book title are links eg "GoodReads LibraryThing Manual" (not all books have all options). Goodreads/GoogleBooks/Librarything take you to the relevant books page on the provider. Manual takes you to a page where you can edit the book details or perform manual searches. Clicking the title pops up a description of the book. See Pages: Manual.