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For all the notifiers, Notify on Snatch sends a message whenever a book/magazine is sent to one of the downloaders. Notify on Download sends a message when a snatched book/magazine has been successfully downloaded and added to the library. Some notifiers have the ability to send a test message to check the notifications work. For notifiers that can send to multiple devices, the test message will return a list of valid device IDs.

Enable Twitter Notifications

  • Notify on Snatch
  • Notify on Download
  • Request Authorisation
  • Twitter Key
  • Verify Key
  • Test Twitter

Enable Boxcar Notifications

  • Notify on Snatch
  • Notify on Download
  • Boxcar Token

Enable Pushbullet Notifications

  • Notify on Snatch
  • Notify on Download
  • Pushbullet API
  • Device ID
  • Test Pushbullet

Enable Pushover Notifications

  • Notify on Snatch
  • Notify on Download
  • Pushover API
  • Keys
  • Device
  • Priority
  • Test Pushover

Enable AndroidPN

  • Notify on Snatch
  • Notify on Download
  • Broadcast
  • AndroidPN Notification URL
  • Username
  • Test AndroidPN

Enable Email Notification

  • Notify on Snatch
  • Notify on Download
  • Email From address
  • Email To address
  • SMTP Server address
  • SMTP user and password
  • SMTP port
  • Use SSL
  • Use TLS
  • Test Email

Enable Custom Notification

This is a special notifier, which is a script to run. There are some example scripts with lazylibrarian. You can use it, for example, to notify a system we don't support yet. There is an example script in python and another in bash that shows how the notifiers work. There is also that can be used as a notifier to make sure you have a copy of both mobi and epub for all new downloads. It uses calibre ebook-convert to create one format from another. Use it as a base for your own notifiers. The notifiers are passed a list of database columns for a book or magazine, and details of the download source. See the examples for full details.

If you create any other notifiers that you think might be useful to others, please upload them!

Apprise Notifiers

This is a new libray, not bundled with lazylibrarian at present, but it is easily installed using pip
* pip install apprise

This duplicates some of the built in notifiers, but adds many more...
Boxcar Discord Emby Faast Gnome Growl IFTTT Kodi Join Matrix Mattermost Prowl Pushalot PushBullet PushJet Pushover Rocket.Chat Slack Stride SuperToasty Telegram Twitter XBMC Windows and many email providers
See the full list and usage instructions here

1. The old notifiers for Twitter and Telegram have options to setup authorisation, apprise needs you to already be authorised
2. The old email notifier is used for messaging user accounts and emailing book attachments so may still be needed