LazyLibrarian rss feed buttons may be available on ebook, magazine, audiobook pages, if enabled in config and if user accounts are enabled. the default address is http://address:port/rssFeed?type=eBook&limit=10.xml
where the limit is how many recent items to return and type is eBook AudioBook or Magazine. Copy/paste this address into your rss reader. In addition you can add your userid to get links to your preferred format to download eg http://address:port/rssFeed?type=eBook&limit=10&user=12345678.xml
There is an option in config to allow you to send the audiobook rss as an itunes compatible podcast. This works well with single file audiobooks. For multi-file audiobooks we currently only send the first chapter in the podcast link. Multi-file audiobooks are sent as a zip file if the podcast box is not enabled, which works with some players but not others. The built in preprocessor options can be used to convert multi-file audiobooks to a single audio file using ffmpeg.

Your userid is displayed on your user profile page.